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H&I Panels

SIGNING UP FOR A PANEL: If you would like to sign up for an H&I panel, attend the Monthly H&I Meeting. Signup sheets will be provided for panel speaking positions available that month.

H&I ORIENTATION: If you have not spoken on an H&I panel, before you sign up please attend the orientation meeting. Orientation occurs at 7:00 pm before the Monthly H&I Meeting at the same location as the monthly meeting.

JAIL CLEARANCE: To speak on most jail panels, you must have one year of sobriety and clearance from the Sheriff's Department. For more information on obtaining clearance, attend the Monthly H&I Meeting.

BECOMING A PANEL LEADER: If you would like to take a monthly commitment bringing a panel into a hospital or institution, please speak with an Area Supervisor at the monthly meeting.

1. An AA panel meeting conducted under this Committee will, at all times, be under
the direct supervision of a Panel Leader who is a member of this Committee.
2. Every panel member must have a minimum of one year continuous sobriety for
correctional and psychiatric facilities, and six months of hospitals and detox
3. NO member of AA on parole or probation will be allowed to participate in or
attend an AA panel meeting in any correctional institution being served by the
Committee without an advanced clearance by the administration of the institution.
4. A panel chart, with specific instructions of the institution, will be furnished by the
Committee to all Panel Leaders.
5. Panel Leaders WILL BE responsible for the conduct of any speakers taken into
the institution and will instruct them in advance regarding the regulations of the
institution and the Committee.
6. The sole purpose of any AA panel meeting is sobriety "freedom from alcohol". All
Speakers and Panel Leaders will confine their sharing to "what we used to be like, what
happened, and what we are like now" in their recovery from the disease of alcoholism.
7. Panel Leaders and Speakers SHALL NOT criticize institution personnel,
facilities, policies or practices. This includes opinions on medications.
8. Use of profanity and vulgar stories are strictly prohibited (NO SEX-O-LOGS).
9. Do not take anything in or out of an institution. DO NOT exchange addresses or
phone numbers with inmates or patients.
10. Inmates or patients requesting Contact Upon Release information, or other AA
personal contact, should be referred to the L.A. Central Office.
11. Panel Leaders and Speakers SHOULD NOT, in the name of AA, promise inmates
or patients help in securing an early release, jobs, financial assistance, or any other
material benefit.
12. NO speaker shall go on a panel to visit or contact a relative or friend who is

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